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The aim

Poetry Together brings groups of school children and groups of elderly people together to perform a poem they have learnt by heart.

why do we do it?

There’s a great deal of evidence that shows the benefits of learning poetry by heart.

In infants and young children, engaging with poetry can improve the speed at which they learn to speak, read, and write. Studies have shown that learning poetry by heart improves performance academically at school, improving concentration, and even supporting better sleep.

The benefits go further. For adults, evidence shows that learning poetry by heart can give you a happier and more successful life. It improves the ability to communicate and strengthen relationships, improves memory, increases brain capacity and keeps dementia at bay.

who can take part?

Participation is free and open to everyone. If you are a school or care home representative, simply sign up. When you sign up, you will receive an emailing detailing the next steps so you can begin your preparations.

when does it happen?

The inaugural Poetry Together initiative has now finished. But we are already planning next year’s activities!

Watch this space for more info on the Poetry Together 2020 campaign.

Gyles Brandreth,  Founder

Gyles Brandreth,



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