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Gyles Brandreth

Author, Broadcaster, and poetry by heart champion

Gyles Brandreth has enjoyed learning poems by heart since he was nine when, at his local church, he performed ‘Macavity the Mystery Cat’ to its author, T S Eliot, who was 70 at the time.

Last year, Gyles made a radio programme about the value of learning poetry by heart featuring research that showed how learning and speaking poetry benefits everyone – especially younger people and older people. The programme inspired the Poetry Together project.

Gyles still learns poetry by heart – and encourages his three children and seven grandchildren to do the same. He is President of the Oscar Wilde Society, an author, broadcaster, former MP, and now Chancellor of the University of Chester, probably best known as a reporter on The One Show on BBC1 and a regular on Just A Minute on Radio 4. All the schools and care homes taking part in Poetry Together in 2019 will receive a signed copy of his new anthology of poems to learn by heart as a present.


The Poetry Together Team


Dukes Education

The team at Dukes Education supports the organisation of the Poetry Together project.

Dukes is a family of schools and education organisations based in the UK. We are always looking for ways to support young people in engaging with their academic studies creatively. The Poetry Together initiative is a wonderful chance for students to do just this, with the further benefit that it helps them to engage with their local community. It is fundamentally a celebration of the joy that comes through learning and we are proud to support the campaign.

To find out more about Dukes Education, please visit our website.


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