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How it works

Poetry Together is a simple concept.

A school connects with a local care home. The school children learn a poem by heart, and the care home residents learn the same poem by heart. Each group rehearses the poem, preparing for a special event in October.

The school hosts the care home residents (or the care home hosts) for a Tea Party between 3rd - 17th October 2019 (a fortnight from National Poetry Day). At this event, young and old come together to perform their poem by heart, have tea, and have fun.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please follow the steps below and join our nationwide poetry community.


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the poetry together project, step by step

1. Register for Poetry Together.


Poetry Together is open to any school in the UK. Children of all ages are welcome to participate and it makes no difference whether you are a state or independent school.


You have decided that your school or care institution would like to take part in Poetry Together. We are excited to see you participating!

First, you will need to sign up to the project. Once you have registered your school or care institution, you will receive an emailing explaining the next steps.

We recommend that you nominate a Poetry Lead. This person will lead the organisation of the project.


2. Connect with a care home and choose a poem together.


Make contact with your local care homes to find one who is interested in joining the project with you. Once you have your link, together, you will be able to choose the poem you are both going to learn. When you register, you will receive some suggestions in your Poetry Together Kit, but these are just suggestions. Creativity and thinking outside the box are encouraged! Please choose absolutely any poem you would like to perform.

Looking for poetry inspiration? Take a look at our Poetry Wall.


3. Rehearsals.


Gather the students at your school who would like to join in the fun. You can have any number of participants and there is no age limit for the students involved.

Your student group and elderly group can rehearse the poem as much as you want, separately. If you are able to rehearse together, all the better - the more chances you have to bring together your Poetry Choir, the better the benefits. However, for most schools this will be tricky - rehearsing separately will still do the trick.


4. The Performance! Your school hosts a Poetry Together Tea Party.


Your Poetry Lead or school arranges a tea party, inviting the residents from your connected care home for the performance. Of course, if the care home would prefer to host, they can do so! It’s up to you.

The Poetry Together Tea Parties can take place at any time between 3rd - 17th October, 2019. This inaugural fortnight event kicks off on National Poetry Day and over the two weeks we will see young and old from all over the UK come together to perform their poems.


5. Join the campaign! Snap a photo for Instagram.


To receive your official Poetry Together Certificate, simply register (see Step 1 above) and then let us know who your partner and which your chosen poem is. When your Poetry Choir comes together, post a photo of your Tea Party performance on social media during the National Poetry Fortnight (3rd - 17th October), using the hashtag, #PoetryTogether2019.


6. Receive your Poetry Together Certificate and anthology of poems, signed by Poetry Together founder, Gyles Brandreth.


Following the fortnight of Tea Parties, all participating schools and care homes will receive an official Poetry Together Certificate in the post, as well as a special anthology of poems perfect for reciting by heart, edited and signed by our founder, Gyles Brandreth. To receive the certificate, make sure you Register, and tag a photo of your Tea Party performance during National Poetry Fortnight (see Steps 1 & 5 above).


Follow Poetry Together.

See what other participating schools and care homes get up to during their preparations for their meet ups. Connect, find inspiration, and learn about the benefits of poetry.

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